Thursday 2 May 2024 is, as you will probably be aware, the date of the local elections for election of councillors to Sefton Council.

While Reform UK will be contesting the forthcoming general (parliamentary) election, we will not be standing in the local elections for Southport wards, or indeed for the generality of Sefton.

The reason for this decision is simple. We are a new party without access to the infrastructure and funding of the establishment Lib/Lab/Con parties. This means that we have to make difficult decisions about how we deploy our resources to maximum effect. In Southport, the decision is clear, in that we can plainly have more of an impact through the general (parliamentary) election than we can through local elections. As we know, a party could win every ward in Southport and still struggle to improve Sefton much, dominated as it is by a dysfunctional Labour cabal. A single MP, on the other hand, could do much good work both for our town and our country.

Our project is a medium and long-term one. We are a movement as much as we are a political party. We embody the spirit of British national democracy against the forces, both in the UK and internationally, that would work to undermine it. In due course you will see talented and patriotic men and women standing under our banner to fight the local elections too. There will come a time, indeed, when even the council wards closer to Bootle must be won over from Labour, by representing a genuinely national interest which Labour has deserted. But 2024 is not yet that time.

Some of you will be disappointed but please hold your fire: the chance to mark an “X” next to your Reform UK candidate in the general election is coming soon – probably before the end of the year. When that time comes, make sure you send a message to the rotten political establishment loud and clear – as Mercutio exclaimed in Romeo and Juliet, “a plague on both your houses!”

Best wishes,

Andrew Lynn

Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southport