Southport now has its Reform UK prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) – you can find out more about who he is and what he stands for here:

Our PPC explains in detail his take on Reform UK’s policies, which very obviously contrasts with other parties’ candidates, who are long on words but very short on specifics, especially on key national issues such as government accountability, traditional freedoms, cost of living, immigration, border security, and Net Zero. The forthcoming general election is not going to be about potholes or cycle lanes, howevermuch Lib/Lab/Con hope it will be. It will be an important election to establish an authentic British people’s movement and a true opposition to the corrosive policies that the major parties have all been responsible for pushing on us over the last 25 years.

This cannot be done without your help. We need you to go out and vote for us, even if you have never voted before, and even if you have always voted Lib/Lab/Con. But we also need you to stand for us (in local elections) and campaign for us (in both general elections and local elections). People comment that they wanted a full slate of candidates at the last local elections – but we need selfless brave men and women to put themselves forward to do so. People also comment that they want to see us campaigning more – but we need selfless brave men and women to get out there with us. We are a new party and we start from nothing. We have made huge strides but there is much more we need to do.

So this is a call to action. If you want change, not only do you have to vote for it, but you have to become part of it. You can’t keep sitting in your living room shouting at the TV or writing angry comments online and hoping things to change.

So please:

1. Apply to us to stand at the forthcoming local elections: contact us here

2. Let us know if you are willing to come out with us onto the streets of Southport to share our message and our goals: contact us here

3. If you can’t do either of the above, please consider making a small donation to our campaign funds. You can do that by scrolling down this page and clicking on “Donate”:

Thank you for you support. Every one of you counts in this struggle for the well-being of our great nation.

Happy New Year!