Reform UK’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Southport – Andrew Lynn

I am proud to be Reform UK’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Southport. In my view, Reform UK offers the only true alternative to the damaging groupthink that has dominated Westminster and local politics for more than a generation. 

Old right-wing/left-wing distinctions don’t help us. What is important is establishing a new politics that puts the interests of British people as a whole at the forefront in a pragmatic and commonsensical way. We need a government for the national interest rather than one serving the needs of narrow elites, vested interests, pressure groups, and international concerns.

I am a firm believer that Britain’s unique character and destiny will – under the right leadership – allow us to pave our own way in the world, freed from the shackles of an outdated, undemocratic, and bureaucratic EU, as a modern, dynamic, and forward-looking nation-state, while preserving what is best of our traditional culture and freedoms.

More About Your Reform UK Candidate

I am a third-generation Sandgrounder. My maternal grandparents came to Southport after the war to settle in Birkdale, where we have maintained a home ever since. I am a father of three boys (a 4-year old and 9-month twins), and a lawyer by profession, holding an LLM in international dispute resolution. Before converting to the law, I studied literature to doctorate level, taught at university for several years, and have worked professionally both in the UK and overseas. I have published popular books on philosophy as well as several legal articles for scholarly and practitioner journals.

What I Stand For as Reform UK’s PPC for Southport

My core political value is that the British state and all its organs must be made to implement the will of the British people as a whole as expressed through democratic processes of elections and referenda. 

We must move on from the style of government and administration that treats certain narrow segments or groups in society as having a superior “right to rule”, or a privileged voice, and properly respect the wishes and values of the silent majority as much as those of the powerful few. 

I have confidence in the basic good nature and wisdom of the ordinary British people to make the right decisions even in the most difficult of cases. 

But the British people must be allowed to have their voice heard and their democratic will implemented without interference. 

Reform UK intends to do precisely that.

The touchstone of every political decision must be: “Is this in the interests of the British people as a whole?”

The Economy. We must aim for growth and work to reduce tax for all by increasing efficiency and reducing waste in government. We should ensure that we allow working people to retain as much of their income as is consistent with the demands of running a complex modern society. In short, we have to make it really pay – and pay well – to work. Government must provide high-quality services that are also efficiently administered and good value-for-money. Tax cuts when delivered should benefit all of us – the lowest income earners no less than those who earn a bit more. 

We need to support small and medium-sized business whenever we can, as these are the lifeblood of our economy.

Pensions, especially the state pension, should be protected, and provide for a decent standard of living. No one who has paid into the system their whole life should have to sell their home to pay for care.

Energy. We would ensure energy security by requiring that energy companies are held 50% by the nation and 50% by British pension funds. We would bring an end to the madness that is Net Zero. We recognise the importance of mobility and would reduce fuel duty and end the war on cars. We won’t penalise you for having a gas boiler or a petrol vehicle.

Freedom. We will passionately defend the fundamental freedoms of British people. We are opposed to virus and climate lockdowns. We are opposed to 15-minute cities and to ULEZ. We are opposed to coercing or putting pressure on people to be vaccinated or undergo any other medical procedure. We will defend cash and the right to use it.

Education. It’s wrong to crush our young people with debt at the start of their lives, so Reform UK would scrap interest payments on student loans, and reduce the time taken to complete a typical university degree. Let’s also put much more emphasis on practical skills and technical training that lead to well paid jobs. And let’s depoliticise teaching at all levels and bring an end to the indoctrination of divisive ideologies such as critical race theory. 

The Health Service. We have a right, as a result of our substantial tax contributions, to expect a first-class heath service. We must increase training places in medical school so that many more young Britons have the opportunity to train as doctors. We would establish a voucher system so that if you are not seen on the NHS in a reasonable time then you can take your funding to another provider. We should be ambitious and aim for zero waiting lists and a modern and efficient out-of-hours service for all.

The Environment. I believe passionately that we need to protect and preserve our stunning national environment and heritage assets. We must do everything possible to ensure that our air is clean and our river and sea waters are unpolluted. This fundamental respect for our environment in no way requires us to adopt faddish ideas or uncritically support environmental subsidies.

The BBC and the Media. The BBC licence fee needs to be abolished and social media need to be required to observe political neutrality and respect freedom of speech. All existing intellectual property held by the BBC should be transferred to the state to be held for the benefit of the nation as a whole. 

Foreign Policy. Britain’s interests should always be put first. That means dramatic reductions in foreign aid. It also means we should be cautious not to be drawn into overseas conflicts that we cannot fully understand and that we cannot realistically solve.

Europe. I believe we can be pro-European without being a member of the EU. We must work to make travel and trade easy and efficient across national borders when it is to the mutual benefit of all parties, while ensuring that we are never again subject to the control of unelected foreign bureaucrats or courts, and that we always maintain control of our own borders.

Immigration. Immigration, both legal and illegal, is one of the most pressing issues we face. Net immigration at a rate of more than 600,000 per annum is not sustainable. We live on a small island and we do not have the services and infrastructure to cope with population growth at this rate. The current crop of politicians is totally dishonest in turning a blind eye to the effect that immigration is having on cost and availability of housing, access to treatment on the NHS, and other public services. You would need, for example, to build 200,000 or 300,000 homes per annum simply to house the new arrivals, at huge cost to taxpayers and to the environment and our green spaces.

There will always be a place for immigration at much lower levels providing it is controlled and made serviceable to the interests of the British people. As we live in a high-tax welfare state we need to make sure that, as a matter of basic fairness, those who have contributed for their whole lives are not unfairly disadvantaged when it comes to housing, health, welfare, and pensions. 

Big business must be incentivised to train young British workers rather than importing labour from overseas. Much more use could be made of short-term visas that do not provide a route to citizenship to plug short-term gaps in our skills or labour market. 

Sovereignty and Self-Determination. We need an approach to governance and to civil and political rights that is suitable to modern conditions. The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in its text embodies rights that we all support: the rights to life, to freedom from torture, to freedom of the person, to a fair trial, to freedom of expression and assembly. However, it has been subject for many years to judicial activism that means its implementation is very far from what was originally intended, and very far from what is necessary to preserve our core civil and political rights. The New Labour Human Rights Act 1998, which provides for implementation of the ECHR in the UK, is the Trojan Horse by which this politicised body of law has been imposed upon us. We should withdraw from the ECHR and repeal the Human Rights Act. It is our common law and our democratic system of government that best protects the rights and interests of the British people. It was, in fact, the ECHR that took its inspiration from our common law and our democratic system of government, rather than the other way around.

Voting for Us

So: if you want these things, if you want change, there is no reason whatsoever why you should keep voting for Lib/Lab/Con, who will simply take you further down the road we are already on, and give you more of the same.

If you want a true alternative, then please vote for us.

Find Out More

I gave an interview recently to Southport News & Media which you can read here (Facebook) or here (downloadable pdf).

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