The BBC licence fee should be abolished. Those who wish to watch and support the BBC can do so, if they really wish, through a subscription service. All the talk about partiality/impartiality is a distraction.

Vote Reform UK if you want to see this done: abolishing the licence fee is our policy, as can be seen from p.18 of the Reform UK Policy Document:…/Reform-is-Essential…

So that’s official Reform UK policy.

Reform UK – Southport fully would also add that the nation should take control of the BBC’s physical and (especially) intellectual property assets, which must be of very substantial value, before the service is made a subscription service. These belong to the British people as a whole, and not the current administrators of the BBC.

The Tories have had many years to scrap the BBC licence fee, but never did it because they were afraid of the BBC’s power to influence public opinion against them. They will “talk the talk”, but we know now that we will never see action from them on this, as on other matters.