“I simply make three points. First, given that Labour in Sefton could find £30 million or so for the Bootle Strand shopping centre in Bootle, they can very well find the £13 million or so to restore our pier in Southport. Second, if our Tory MP had any standing in the Tory party, he could have persuaded the national government to step in and make the funding available, which is small change on a national level. And third, if the Lib Dems were fulfilling their role as opposition to Labour on Sefton Council, they would be properly holding Sefton to account – not giving lip service by rehashing yet another “Save the Pier” petition, but by probing the accounts, challenging the assumptions, and by finding solutions for reducing wasteful spending and redirecting funds to the pier. The pier fiasco has been a clear example of the failure of the three establishment parties and their collective betrayal of the people upon whose votes they depend. Take your opportunity at the next general election to send a message that this isn’t good enough.” – Andrew Lynn, Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southport