There’s an important thing to understand about the next general election in Southport: the Conservatives cannot win – either in Southport, or in the country as a whole. Their betrayal of the trust not only of the British people, but also of their own members and supporters, has ensured that.

Once this truth is accepted, everything changes. You do not need to worry about “splitting the vote” by voting for Reform. There is no (winning) Conservative vote left to split. But, also, the Conservatives and Labour now follow virtually the same approach to politics: there is a hair’s breadth between them. The Conservatives, in their modern form, do not deserve your vote any more than do Labour. There is no case to vote Conservative out of either pragmatism or principle.

The Lib Dems cannot, and should not, win in Southport with a remainer as their candidate. The British people have spoken, and there is no use trying to draw us back, against our will, into the EU. Whatever anyone’s views on this once were, that ship has sailed.

That leaves Labour, and us (Reform). Southport has never, in its whole history, had a Labour MP. It remains the one and only constituency in Merseyside that does not return a Labour MP. You may feel a temptation to punish the Conservatives by simply failing to turn out to vote, voting Lib Dem (pointless), or even by voting Labour. However, we should really think twice before inflicting upon ourselves the self-harm of a Labour MP. Labour thrive on poverty, and if they cannot find it, they will make it. It is punishment enough to be Labour-dominated at the local level under Sefton.

Reform UK is here, in Southport, and will be one of your options at the next general election. We are a young party, idealistic, grass-roots. We may lack some of the familiarity of the mainstream parties. But we are hungry to deliver the change that both our constituency and our country desperately need. We want to change politics for good. We ask you to go beyond what the mainstream media might say about us, and use your own independent minds to look into what we stand for. I suggest that first of all you look on this website at our “Principles” and then at our “Policies”. After that, you can click on our latest news. And, if after that you want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in contact.