If you are interested in what we stand for, the best places to start are our principles and our policies.

To outline three important themes:

  1. We support a growth rather than a “tax and spend” agenda. Reform UK believes that workers from all walks of society should retain a greater proportion of the fruits of their labour. We also believe that taxation beyond a certain level is counterproductive and prevents growth. Tax monies should be used to provide palpable benefits to the people who pay the tax and not for virtue-signalling by politicians and civil servants, or other recipients of public funds. Reform UK nevertheless differs from the Conservatives in that we focus on reducing tax for all, not just for the wealthy, hence our policy to raise the basic rate threshold to £20,000, to reduce corporation tax and fuel duties, and raise the IHT threshold to £2 million, ensuring you can save money and pass on a home and some savings to your children.
  2. Energy security and affordability. Reform UK’s approach is that we need a proper national policy on energy that ensures both energy security and affordability. Energy companies would be held 50% by the nation and 50% by British pension funds. This would ensure that any profits can be returned to the British people. By including an element of private ownership (British pension funds), we would bring efficiency, and prevent the hijacking of energy by vested interests in the civil service or unions.
  3. Control immigration. Net migration last year was more than 504,000 – more than half a million people. To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to a city the size of Leeds, arriving on our doorsteps every year. Those people will all need housing, schools, hospitals, roads, social services, policing, welfare, pensions. And those will all need to be paid for. Our political/media class is simply childish to believe this can continue. But they all have an interest in letting it continue: Conservatives see cheap labour for big business; Labour see future voters; the civil service and media sees the opportunity for virtue-signalling. Only Reform UK will take the necessary steps to bring these figures down to manageable levels – Conservatives may “talk the talk”, but they have been in power for many years now, so are obviously unwilling to take the necessary steps. Illegal immigration is the sharp end of the problem, and Reform UK’s plan in this regard would be to establish offshore processing centres and ensure that a new Department of Immigration is established staffed by people committed to ensuring the law is properly implemented.

This is a summary. For full details of official Reform UK policies, click here.